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Anti-money laundering training program

Americo's Anti-Money Laundering Training Program
Americo complies with The U.S. Treasury Department rule on anti-money laundering programs for insurance companies, which apply to life insurance transactions involving cash value products such as Whole Life, Universal Life, and Annuities. Term products and group products are exempt from the Act.
All Americo agents, who plan to sell cash value products, must complete the training before submitting business. Cash value products include Annuities, Whole Life, some Term products, and Universal Life products. 
LIMRA Training Instructions
Americo offers Anti-Money Laundering training through LIMRA. LIMRA’s Anti-Money Laundering Training Program is fast and easy.

Click here to access the LIMRA Anti-Money Laundering site. Your username is your National Producer Number (NPN). If this is your first time logging on to this site, your password is your last name (lowercase).

Technical questions? Contact LIMRA's customer support help line at 866.364.2380.
Other questions? Contact Americo's Agent Contact Center at 800.231.0801.
If you have suspicions about a transaction, you should contact Americo's Compliance Officer handling USA PATRIOT Act Compliance at 800.366.6565.


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1 Admitted Assets, "Top Life Writers - 2016" A.M. Best Co., as of September 2016.
2 Americo Life, Inc., is a holding company and is not responsible for the financial condition or contractual obligations of its affiliate insurance companies.

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