Careers : Areas Of Employment
An organization ... full of opportunities.
Americo is committed to finding and employing the best and brightest individuals. We are continually searching for talent to fill staff, management, professional, and entry-level positions. Experience in the life insurance industry is not always required. Americo offers positions in a variety of areas including:

Agent Contact Center

     Provides accurate and complete information to producers throughout the contracting and new business
       application processes.

     Acts as the company liaison to resolve problems for producers.

     Provides world class service so producers will choose to offer Americo products to their clients every time. 

Business & Implementation Support

     Coordinates system maintenance and modifications, project testing, implementation, training, and prioritization.

     Handles complex processing needs for legacy systems, including tax oversight and reporting.

     Completes account and transmission reconciliations, balancing, control and general Operation
       reporting and suport.

     Determines the amount of the death benefit payable under the contract.

     Pays the death benefit, plus any other accumulated values or additional benefits to the beneficiaries.

     Provides disability payments, if contract includes this feature.

     Makes regular, periodic payments under annuity/supplemental contacts.

Producer Compensation

     Maintains and administers agent commissions.

     Oversees the production of commission statements and makes any necessary adjustments relative to an 
       agent's compensation.

     Issues 1099s at the end of the year to the agents who received compensation.

Policyholder Services 
     Provides a myriad of transaction assistance - 
       address changes, policy changes, owner and beneficiary changes, loans, withdrawals, etc.
     Monitors toll-free lines to provide assistance over the phone.
     Written transactions accepted and processed.
     Makes regular, periodic payments under annuity and supplemental contracts.

Corporate Finance:

Actuarial Group
Product Development
Appointed Actuary
 Compliance w/funding laws
 Reserve labels
Forecasting Models
 Earnings/interest rates
 Financial values
 Mortality values
Corporate Reporting
 Expense budget
 Financial projection
 NAIC reports
 Regulatory reports
 SEC reports
 State department reports
 Portfolio management
 Premium investing
General Accounting
 Accounts payable
 Bank reconciliation
 Daily cash management
 Investment accounting
 Tax planning & preparation

Human Resources

     Handles all compensation and bonuses.

     Manages and administers associate benefits.

     Organizes and facilitates all recruiting activities as well as orientation for new associates.

     Provides Training & Development Classes, materials, and resources for professional development.

Information Technology

     Maintains network viability - server, PC, and network

     Monitors and maintains systems' performance - administrative, AWD, telephone, and user applications.

     Upgrades technology for efficiency, speed, and expanded user capabilities.


      Provides legal and regulatory advice to all departments on business related issues, including how to 
        avoid and mitigate risk.

      Responds to and manage litigation and threatened litigation.

      Partners with departments in furthering business objectives.

      Responsible for market conduct exam oversight, compliance oversight, and fraud investigations.

      Responds to and communicate new regulatory requirements; ensure compliance with Anti-Money 
        Laundering regulations, and respond to questions raised by Operations Associates.

Producer Administration

     Assists agents in obtaining a sales contract with Americo.

     Ensures that agents are licensed in appropriate states.

Marketing and Sales

     Creates, delivers and maintains all forms of print and electronic marketing communications materials in 
support of all sales activities and in a timely manner.

     Provides enhancements to Internet marketing capabilities, helps in software development, and tests 
       illustration systems. 

Sales Support

     Representatives respond to agent questions about our products.
     Ensures agents have all necessary forms and applications.
     Explains how to use sales tools provided by Americo.
New Business

     Creates a record of each policy on the administrative system, which then generates premium notices.

     In some cases, issues the insurance policy or annuity contract and mails it to the policyowner.

     Monitors, tracks and controls the financial values associated with the policy, and keep records 
       of important data.

     Monitors the toll free lines to provide assistance over the phone.

Operation Support Services

     Distributes mail and handles outgoing correspondence.

     Supports all areas by creating electronic document images to replace paper files.

Policy Accounting

     Applies premium payments to the administrative system.

     Bills policyowner when necessary.

     Maintains appropriate controls and records.


     Evaluates the risk of accepting the proposed insured.
     Determines the level of premium to be paid in light of that risk.
     Responsible for issuing or declines.