Careers : Compensation & Benefits
Competitive Compensation and Benefits   

Your rate of pay will be based on relevant, competitive markets and level of responsibility and experience. In addition to the cash compensation that you receive, the following programs are provided to you at Americo as part of your Total Rewards.

Performance Plus Bonus Program
Our Performance Plus Program is an incentive compensation plan designed to recognize and reward associate achievement and company success over a defined goal period. There are two Performance Plus goal periods during the year, and these bonuses can represent a significant part of an associate's overall compensation. Bonus awards are based on a combination of individual performance and corporate financial performance.
Medical Insurance
A High Deductible health plan including an HSA account is available to associates and their eligible dependents including:


     Setup of an HSA account tied to the High Deductible Plan

     Employer and Employee contributions to the HSA available

     Prescription Benefits along with the High Deductible Plan

     Discounts available for non-smokers.

Dental Insurance
The Traditional Dental PPO Plan is designed to provide comprehensive coverage to meet the dental needs of associates and their eligible dependents. The plan also includes orthodontics for dependents.

Vision Discount Program
This company-paid benefit provides associates and their eligible dependents discount savings on eyewear, eye exams, contact lenses, and non-prescription sunglasses when utilizing a participating provider. A routine eye exam is also paid at 100% annually for those enrolled in the medical plan.

Life Insurance
Associates receive company-paid basic life coverage of two times their annual salary up to a maximum of $500,000 overall coverage. Associates also have the opportunity to purchase additional supplementary life insurance coverage of up to one, two, or three times their annual salary. Spousal and dependent coverage is also available.
Personal Accident Insurance
This associate-paid coverage provides a benefit for associates and their family members who incur a loss that is accident-related.
Short-Term Disability
This company-paid short-term income replacement benefit provides associates with a benefit amount that is based on length of service.
Long-Term Disability
This company-paid benefit provides associates with 60% of their monthly earnings, up to a maximum monthly benefit of $10,000 when they become disabled. Qualifying disability period for this benefit is 180 days.
401(k) Savings Plan
A plan that allows associates to save up to 75% of their pay on a pre-tax basis for retirement. The company will make a matching contribution, equal to 50% of each associate's savings contribution, up to 4% of their pay, plus 100% of any savings contribution over 4% of an associate's pay, up to 6% of their pay.

Paid Time Off (PTO)
Associates accrue paid time off based on their number of years of service, with eligibility.


Full-time associates receive 11 paid holidays per year.
Americo provides all associates with either covered parking or a monthly bus pass, depending on the associates' preference.

Employee Assistance Plan

Offered to assist associates and their family members with confidential counseling and guidance to deal with and overcome certain issues including legal and financial resources.

Wellness Benefits
As part of the company's commitment to promote good health, Americo's program engages and inspires individuals to improve their health. This program includes an integrated wellness platform with telephone and e-coaching for weight management, tobacco cessation, and healthy living, as well as incentives, onsite education, biometric screenings, worksite challenges and exercise and meal planners. Points earned will contribute toward incentives including health premium differentials or HSA contributions.

Smoke-Free Work Environment
Americo offers a smoke-free work environment for all associates and visitors. Reimbursement for completion of a smoking cessation plan is available.
Health Profile
Created to provide associates with an opportunity to periodically monitor certain health indicators revealed in a confidential health profile sponsored by the company at no cost to associates.

Flu Shots
Americo offers an opportunity each year for all associates to receive a flu shot, free of charge, as part of Americo's commitment to the overall health and wellness of all associates.
Fitness Center Membership Subsidy
Americo offers many different wellness initiatives for interested associates. There are three different fitness centers that offer Americo associates enrollment at a reduced cost. Or, for just a bit of time each day, associates join each other and walk during the lunch hour.

Weight Watchers at Work

Americo offers associates the chance to get on the path to weight-loss success with Weight Watchers at Work. Upon completion of a session and by not missing more than two meetings, Americo will reimburse 50% of the weekly fees that were pre-paid by associates to Weight Watchers.

KC Corporate Challenge
Started in 1980, the Kansas City Corporate Challenge (KCCC) is an Olympic-type event that allows Kansas City area corporations to compete with each other through a variety of sporting events while raising money for local charities. KCCC is the largest inter-company sporting competition in the country, with over 20,000 people taking part in the 2013 games. 2014 marks Americo's 21st year of participation. Corporate Challenge is an amateur sporting event intended to be fun and engaging to as many company employees as possible. There isn't a better way to get out there and meet associates from other departments!

Turning Point
Center for Hope and Healing provides company-paid support for associates or family members who have serious chronic illnesses. Americo offers learning experiences to enhance skills and competencies with opportunities for advancement including:

Education Assistance
Full-time associates are eligible to participate in the company's tuition reimbursement program created to provide eligible associates resources for continuing education.

Life Office Management Association (LOMA)

All associates are encouraged to participate in the company-paid LOMA educational opportunities. Bonuses are available for full-time associates who successfully complete LOMA courses.
529 College Savings Plan
A plan designed as an easy way to invest for college education. Americo offers two 529 Education Savings Programs which offer tax-deferred earnings growth and other tax advantages.
Coaching and Performance Management
Americo has a core management development program. Following this system of critical management steps will greatly enhance manager/associate relationships and provide the best chance for each person to perform at the expected level. The course covers interpersonal skills, setting expectations, giving feedback, conducting a coaching session, and rewarding associates. 
Annual Performance Reviews
Annual performance reviews provide associates a simple review of the feedback and coaching they have received throughout the year and a reminder of where they stand from a performance standpoint. Reviews should also lay out a plan for how the associate can continue their career development throughout the rest of the year.
Training and Development Courses
Courses may include Microsoft Office training, as well as associate professional development such as: communication skills, conflict management, team building, etc. Training and Development also offers a strong management and leadership development program.
New Hire Orientation Program
Formal and comprehensive welcome to Americo by the Human Resources staff and department representatives followed by department specific one-on-one training.
Walk-A-Mile Programs
Departmental information sessions.
Lunch and Learns
Including personal, professional, and wellness information.


The ASPiRE program is designed to expand associates' knowledge of leadership and help develop the skills needed to be an effective leader. As part of this program, associates are exposed to experiences and information that focuses on management, decision making, and critical thinking. They will also have the benefit of a mentor for the 18 month duration of the program. In the beginning of the program, they will set goals with a mentor and meet monthly to discuss progress on those goals along with other issues and thoughts that arise. A variety of resources and information will be provided, outlining the best practices and skills to develop over 18 months, making the program a great educational opportunity.
Referral bonus program
We believe that referrals are a great way to build an effective workforce and are proud to offer a referred Bonus Program. When an Americo associate completes the referral process and Americo has selected the candidate to join the company, the associate is eligible to be rewarded with a cash bonus.
Ticket raffles
At various times throughout the year, ticket raffles will be available to associates for Kansas City Royals' baseball, Chiefs' football and Sporting KC soccer tickets as well as occasional performances throughout the city (basketball, college football, theatre performances, and concerts).
Corporate events
Throughout the year, Americo hosts many corporate events including the Kansas City Corporate Challenge Kick Off Party, All Associate Meetings, American Royal Barbeque, Boy Scout Barbeque, and an Annual Holiday Party.