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The appropriate sale of our products is something Americo takes very seriously. We have adopted nationwide suitability requirements, which are in-line with the NAIC Model Regulation on Suitability in Annuity Transactions.

All agents are required to complete product specific training prior to the solicitation or sale of an annuity. Agents are also required to complete state-specific general training, where required.

Americo is providing agents with a comprehensive solution to meet state-specific annuity training requirements through LIMRA. Americo product specific training can be completed at no charge to you. LIMRA also provides state-specific general annuity training that you may access at very reasonable rates. Certification for any annuity training done through LIMRA will automatically be transmitted to Americo within 48 hours.

Click here   to access the LIMRA training.

Click here  for an overview of the states that have adopted these suitability requirements.

Technical questions? Contact LIMRA’s customer support at 888.577.5522.

Other questions? Contact Americo’s Sales Support at 800.231.0801.

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