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Sally, a 68 year-old non-smoker, had $50,000 in a Certificate of Deposit (CD). She was not using this savings for income and hoped to one day pass it on to her daughter. The CD was earning 4% and was taxed every year. The after-tax return was only 2.68% per year. Sally’s biggest concern was accessing her funds if she was ever confined to a nursing home.

By repositioning this $50,000 CD into Lifetime Legacy, Sally substantially increased the estate earmarked for her daughter. She turned her CD* into an initial guaranteed minimum death benefit of $103,743 that she will likely pass on to her daughter free of income tax and outside of probate. Should Sally ever become permanently confined to a qualified nursing facility, up to $82,994 of that death benefit could be available for any need.

A 68 year-old female,
non-smoker with a
single premium may qualify
for a
$103,743 initial guaranteed
minimum death benefit with
Lifetime Legacy.


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* Many CDs have early withdrawal charges and/or penalties. This example assumes that no such penalties or charges apply, and the entire $50,000 is repositioned into Lifetime Legacy.

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