Professional Development

Supporting Individual Development

Beginning with the new hire experience and throughout an associate’s career at Americo, all professional development offerings are designed to help employees succeed in their roles and grow in their careers. We empower associates to take control of their development journey, and formalized training is one aspect of the holistic developmental approach we offer at Americo.

The following training offerings are available to all associates:

  • Instructor-led sessions for mixed audiences
  • One-on-one coaching sessions
  • Departmental technical training
  • Cross-departmental job shadows
  • Leadership development cohorts
  • Web-based video learning options

Additionally, management-level training is provided to help our leadership group grow the unique skillsets they need to help their associates reach their full potential.

Industry-Based Education

LOMA (Life Office Management Association) is an internationally-celebrated training and development program for the insurance industry. Americo offers LOMA training to each of its part-time and full-time associates. This education system gives associates the opportunity to earn “designations” at their own pace to help them grow in their careers. This program is administered through a web-based learning system, offering courses on insurance, accounting, marketing, information systems, finance, law, and management.

LINK Mentorship Program

At Americo, we capitalize on the great talent we have internally. Through our mentorship program, LINK (Learning, Inspiring, Networking, Knowing), we pair associates with their peers for a symbiotic and formal mentor relationship. Over six months, associates meet monthly and follow conversation guides to begin the development process. Following the end of the program, associates are encouraged to maintain the mentor relationship outside the structured format. LINK helps our employees connect across departments, and it encourages them to grow and learn from one another.