Life Insurance

Protection for all stages of life

Be prepared for the unexpected.

Americo offers a strong portfolio of Term, Universal, and Whole Life insurance products designed to help protect you and your family through all stages of life. Our life insurance products provide solutions for the following situations:

  • Help pay off the mortgage or cover mortgage payments if you pass away unexpectedly
  • Help guard against loss of income
  • Help protect against economic hardship caused by disability, unemployment, or a critical, chronic, or terminal illness
  • Help cover your funeral and other final expenses

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance, sometimes referred to as permanent insurance, offers lifetime protection. As long as you continue to pay the premiums, your policy remains active. The affordable monthly rate you start at will be the same rate you pay for the life of the policy; your rates will not increase and your policy cannot be cancelled because of age or health.

Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Indexed Universal Life (IUL) is a unique form of permanent life insurance that combines the protection of a life insurance policy with the potential for cash value growth linked to the performance of stock market indices, such as the S&P 500®. Unlike traditional universal life insurance policies, IUL offers policyholders the opportunity to participate in market gains without exposing them to market losses. This means that while your cash value has the potential to grow based on market performance, it is also protected from downturns. Additionally, IUL policies provide flexibility in premium payments and death benefits, allowing policyholders to adjust their coverage according to their changing financial needs.

Term and Universal Life Insurance

Term insurance is coverage that is in place for a certain time period – it is often referred to as “temporary coverage.” You can typically purchase coverage in term periods of 10, 15, 20, or 30 years. If you die before the end of the term period, the policy pays the death benefit to your chosen beneficiary.

Typically, your coverage stops when the term period ends and you may never use the coverage you paid for. Americo offers products that can return the money you paid if you never use the coverage. We also have products that automatically extend your coverage to permanent coverage at the end of the term period, without raising your monthly rate.